About Us

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KB Charitable Trust is a local charity made up 100% of volunteers from area churches, businesses and civic groups that get involved with our various ministry and charitable pursuits. We are proud to state that 100% of all public contributions go to our various efforts.... primarily an inner-city ministry to Greenville's largest disadvantaged neighborhoods.  2013  is our 25th anniversary of that ministry's beginning.

With no paid staff and being volunteered based ...administrative cost are minimal and  we therefore maximize the benefit of every dollar spent . Few charities could be as effective on such limited funds. We are a small charity, but we have a major impact on our community.  Over 150 different organizations have partnered with us on various projects throughout our community and our community partners help make our projects possible.

When an organization is 100% volunteer based, the only things that get done are the things that someone decided to get involved and make happen. There is always plenty of ways to get involved and many areas to choose from. We would love to have you join us and sincerely hope to hear from you.