Bel-Aire Inner-city Outreach



             This document was prepared to communicate the information needed to evaluate and understand the philosophies, convictions, and long term objectives of the Bel-Aire Community, LLC - an inner-city ministry of the Body of Christ in Greenville, SC. We began with a desire to minister to others, but God used this ministry to show us that He desired to do a work in our own lives first. Over time, it became evident that we were in fact the ones in need of being ministered to…and God was using one of Greenville roughest inner-city areas to do just that. We started out wanting to be part of the solution, yet before God could do that He had to show us that we were in reality part of the problem. Over the past six years, God has, and is continuing, to move us from a white suburban… American… “good hearted”… “program” type philosophy of ministry… to a more biblically based… relationship-oriented… Christ centered… “work of God” type ministry that has as much to do with those desiring to serve as it does those being served.  We started out desiring to network the churches in the suburbs to minister to the Body of Christ in one of Greenville ’s largest/roughest inner city areas. After six years of watching God minister to those helping with this ministry I am now confident that God equally desires to use our inner-city neighborhoods to minister to our suburban churches. The big picture is that we believe God is in fact using Bel-Aire Community to do a great work in both.  We pray that the end result will be that God will use Bel-Aire Community, LLC to “Bridge the Gap” between these two separate worlds… and unify the Body of Christ living in both communities as one.



             So I must begin by letting you know that this ministry is not about recruiting educated, financially stable, white people from the suburbs to go minister to the uneducated, poor, black neighborhoods of Greenville . We have over 100 years to prove that that has never made a major impact on any of America’s inner-cities for Christ, or otherwise. Nor is it about raising money to throw at the problems in the Bel-Aire community… which in most cases also yields little results. It is, however, about allowing the power of God to transform our lives as we seek to live out His word. Then, and only then, will we be prepared to be used by God to minister in the Bel-Aire community.  I do not want the organizational and strategic planning nature of this document to over shadow this foundational philosophy of God’s work in and through the Bel-Aire Community Outreach.


             This document is also not about another program. It is more of a documentary about what God began 15 years ago and what he has done over the past six years to bring this ministry together. It also outlines the ministry/business plan for where we believe God is taking us in the future. We are confident that God is working in our community and that He has a work to accomplish in and through us. Please pray for God’s direction and blessing on the efforts and prayers for the Bel-Aire Community.